Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Take It Back

Horse Snow Sculpture

If you remember my last post I said I was glad to be home from my time in Florida.  Well, as of today I’ve changed my mind!  It is snowing and blowing here.  The forecast was for about 28 inches of snow with high winds.  A real blizzard that could break the record set in 1941.  Great, just what I’d hoped for, setting a new record for snow.  We’ve since been downgraded to about 16 inches so I guess if I was an optimist that would be a plus…

This morning the plan was to let the horses relax in the barn for a little longer than they’re used to.  They usually are out and about by 7 a.m.  So there was time to shovel around the barn doors and fill the hay nets before they were turned out.  You would think they would appreciate not being turned out in this nasty weather, but they WERE NOT.  When the barn doors were finally opened their opinionated selves greeted their servant with pawing, squawking and general protests about not being outside yet. Or fed.  Apparently, service this morning wasn't up to their high standards.  They had taken everything off their doors they could get their mouths on and flung halters, lead ropes and whatnot into the aisle. I’m sure they will want to come in early after getting a dose of this winter storm, which is fine.  We live to serve.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It’s Good To Be Home

"Juno Beach" - Jupiter, Florida
We were away for a little over a week in Florida.  As much as it’s good to go away for a bit to the warmer weather it’s always nice to come home. 

Here are a few pictures I took and thought I’d share with you.  Because everyone is always dying to see someone else’s vacation pictures…

" Juno Beach"   on the Ocean  
And so the alligator came out and asked "Hey, who hit me on the head with a golf ball!"
I can honestly say I've never seen a sign saying this before. (on the way to Marcos Island)
" Marcos Island" on the Gulf

The beach had lots of shells

View from the room

Love the way the water is always changing color

Beautiful Sunset

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Ginger!

" Happy Birthday Ginger"

This past Friday was my puppy Ginger’s first birthday.  I guess this means she’s not a puppy anymore but is considered an adult dog.  It doesn’t matter that she still hops up on my lap to watch TV or to just sit and snuggle.  I’ve told her she’s not a puppy anymore but she doesn’t seem to get it and thinks she still fits, all 56 pounds of her.  I’m still treated to an early morning hop on the bed with her licking my face before placing her head on the pillow next to me.  Then she will roll over on her back as if to say “ um, you could rub my belly now.” This is her general routine in the morning. Sometimes I don’t find it to be as cute as she thinks she is.

She celebrated her first birthday with a spa day at the groomers. It was necessary after digging in as many mud puddles as she could find before it snowed. Rolling around in shavings in the horse stalls is also a favorite pastime and if you hit a pile of manure, all the better! Ginger looks and smells a lot better.  Hope it lasts for a while…

Quote for Today
Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. ~Roger Caras

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Geese Problem

" Canadian Geese "

I recently noticed our pond has become home to a rather large crowd of Canadian Geese.  We’ve definitely had bigger crowds in previous years.  I took a picture of the crowd anyway and I might not have had the correct recording media to capture all the geese that were present.  There could be alternative facts at play here.  There could have been a tremendous amount of geese that I didn’t see.  Maybe they were on the roof of the indoor or barn but even if they weren’t seen by me they may have been lurking somewhere lending their support to the geese in the pond. 

On the other hand they may have been down cleaning out the swamp behind the farm of any edible food. Or perhaps they were ravaging the countryside making themselves fat off other people’s properties. One thing is certain though; the geese I was able to photograph are definitely a drain on the peaceful pond life here at the farm.  They not only squawk constantly but they seem to think they are entitled to just swoop in and make themselves at home.  Their attitude seems to be I’m here so what are you going to do about it. To add to all this they poop all over the good things we have at the farm. We need to keep a constant vigil of where we step so we don’t get poop stuck in our soles.

I’d like to find a way to rid myself of these deplorable birds but I see no solution.  My pussycat is no help.  Ever since I bought her that new winter outfit, complete with pink hat, the pussycat is nowhere to be found.  I have a hunch she’s parading around town showing it off.  Oh well, might be the answer to the geese problem is to build a border wall between Canada and us.  I’m sure the Canadians wouldn’t mind paying for it!

Quote for Today
Who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?
Groucho Marx

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Conversation With Blue

"Well there she goes, I wonder what I just got myself into"

I’d like to thank everyone for their advice and opinions on my previous post “A Dilemma.”  I appreciate your input and will definitely take it under advisement.

Blue and I went for a hand walk today and I decided to use the time constructively to see where his head is at before I start back riding him. So, we had a little chat about things in general, and riding in particular. I've paraphrased the gist of it below. (and no, I haven't been drinking ;-) It went something like this:

“So how have you been feeling lately, Mr. Blue?”

“Eh, I’m alright. But, uh, why are we walking around doing nothing when I could be eating a hay net right now?”

“Well, I thought we could spend a little quality time together. And I'd like to come up with a decision once and for all about you and I working together.”

“Why would we have to come to a decision? I’m here, and you ride when you feel like it. As long as you keep it short, it sort of breaks up the boredom of, you know, putting up with the these idiots." At this point he tossed his head toward the herd, and I knew what he meant. Blue doesn't have a lot of patience for his fellow horse. I can relate sometimes... 

“Blue, you’re the best." I love Blue's casual attitude toward life. Very little seems to ruffle his feathers, and he just goes with the flow. It must be nice... "I just don’t want to ask you to work if you’re in any kind of discomfort.”

“Oh, don't worry. If I’m not feeling up to par that day, you'll know it.”

That sounded a little more ominous than I liked to hear. “That's fair. I noticed that you’ve been favoring that left front lately. What’s up with that?”

“Well! When you so rudely pulled my shoes for the winter, I bruised my tender little foot."
The one thing Blue is not tough or casual about is discomfort. And this is the first time Blue has gone shoeless.

 "Poor Blue! How did that happen?" I tried to sympathize.

"The night I had my shoes pulled, I came galloping up for my dinner on the frozen ground. And it hurt."

“I see." Go figure. "But it feels better now?”

"I guess."

"And no more galloping?"

“Good thinking. One other thing I wanted to talk to you about.”

“UH, HUH?”

I have to remind myself here what a good horse Blue is, even though he's a pain in the neck. “I think we should continue these half hour walks so you can get in shape before we start riding again.”

“So I can get in shape? What about those extra holiday pounds you’re carrying? You’re no picnic to lug around.”

“That’s why I’m walking with you." Being a sarcastic smartass is just one of his many charms. But I've commented on his weight more than a few times, so I guess I kinda asked for it. "Is it a deal?”

Big sigh. “Fine. It’s a deal. Now can I go back to my hay net?”

“Sure, but try to come up for air once in a while, huh?”

“Back at ya.”

We're totally off to a great start.

Quote for Today 
Give a horse what he needs and he will give you his heart in return

Friday, January 6, 2017

A Dilemma


So, as the New Year begins, I find I’m at a loss as far as goals go.  I used to set goals but have long since decided it’s best to take each day as it comes. Try and work on what I think needs to be done for or with the horses.  I’d like to spend more time with the herd, specifically, Blue, Donnie, and Sami.

This is a goal in itself because it seems there is never enough time in the days and weeks to have to myself and do what I want.  I’m not complaining (well maybe a little bit) but I often wonder [what's the best way to strike that difficult balance between doing the things I want to do, and that make me happy, and taking care of everyone else's needs? I think that's just life's problem, but I haven't figure it out yet, and if you have, I'd be happy to hear about how!]

I’m planning on working Donnie and Sami this weekend on the longe for a bit to start getting them back in shape. Just because Donnie can’t be ridden safely and Sami is too small for me to ride doesn’t mean they should be left to their own devices to keep fit. [Both of them actually seem to enjoy the work and] I doubt I’ll be able to ride Blue since he’s been a tad bit lame for the last week or so.  He’s getting older too and his hocks bother him.  So I have to be mindful of that and be gentle with him.

I go back and forth about getting a younger horse to ride and retiring Blue.  There are two schools of thought running through my head. The first is that I’d really like to spend more time riding while I still can physically manage it.  It’s a shame to waste what time I might have left in the saddle and the property, the riding arenas and the indoor we have for the horses, which, if not being used for the intention it was bought, seems wasteful, too.  The second is whether it's fair to get another horse at my age (65) that I may not be able to ride in a few years.  Although I would love to ride forever, age and physical agility are a question mark.  So I’m wondering, how do some of you older riders feel about this dilemma? What would you do?

Quote for Today
When you’re young and fall off a horse, you may break something.  When you’re my age and you fall off, you splatter. Roy Rogers

Friday, December 30, 2016


Happy New Year

In the New Year,
we wish you the best year you’ve ever had,
and that each New Year
will be better than the last.
May you realize your fondest dreams
and take time to recognize and enjoy the blessings of
each and every day.

As we jump into a new year I like to think
of all the possibilities open to us all.
No bothersome resolutions to keep. The simple act
of being the best we can be will be 
good enough for me.
I've always liked this quote:
It's never too 
late to be
what you might 
have been.

George Eliot